From a young age Simon had a keen eye for design and storytelling with a strong desire to create and develop new ideas. 

Studying in Buckinghamshire, his degree in Spatial Design developed his skills as a designer and let him build upon creating spaces that would intrigue and excite people offering an escape from reality.  

After graduating Simon found himself splitting his time between the world of TV , fashion and events, something that he has now honed as a great asset translating his skills between such high pace and creative industries. He quickly found the world of all things Experiential which has allowed Simon to create some of his most compelling work an example of this is his projects for Mercedes Benz and Nike.

He found himself creatively directing briefs for brands which were as varied as his client list, this gave him the ability to create show stopping commercial projects. This also meant he had built up an incredible team of specialists who work extremely closely with Simon to achieve the highest results.

After working with brands such as Nike, Topman, Conde Nast, Mercedes, Adidas, Viktor & Rolf to name a few Simon now has a strong commercial knowledge of brand and consumer he has been able to develop strong creative ideas that have a strong brand message sewn in to the heart of them creating clear results and gain for the brand.

Simon has worked up an impressive client list with a variety of projects that continue to intrigue and excite the viewer be it on a campaign or in a full on event. He continues to push boundaries and push brands creative needs to the forefront.  




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