New Season Presentation 


Mix a fashion presentation with the typical idea of press day to create an event that showcases the latest range in unique way. 

This project saw me continuing my relationship with Hobbs one that had come form working with them on how they showed up for press and consumers. This event mixed the idea of the fashion presentation and the press ay to create an experience where press could get up close to the product actually being warn. Throughout the day models would appear in the space, walk through the press and come to rest in the snake like set that was created from mirror. The models wore different outfits throughout the day so no 2 shows were the same.

The space we found was a working church which had recently been renovated meaning not one fashion brand had used it before. So the idea with the creative was to feel like we had created a pop-up Hobbs style. So construction of flats were exposed and seen but it was all sprayed in white gloss, the same with the chandelier centre piece. Instead of hanging the chandelier high we created a crate for it to sit within on the mirrored tables.