The Running Clubhouse


Nike speaks to the athlete in everyone but how can they celebrate the most elite Track and Field athletes before they head to Rio whilst honouring the brands heritage and new innovations. 

A bespoke hub was created to welcome the athletes to the start of their journey to the Rio Olympics. The hub would be hone to the Nike Run club as well acting as a space to inspire and engage with consumers, Nike Members and athletes a like. 

A full consumer journey was developed to tell Nike's story of how they have and continue to support the Olympic athletes by providing them with new technology and innovation. The space was then designed around the distinct language of the running track thread together by a new Volt + colour way which wrapped around a central ferro fluid installation. 


To showcase the new spike innovation on the track shoe ferro fluid was chosen as once hit with a magnetic field it had a striking resemblance to the underside of the shoe.

A giant black gloss track was designed to house the shoes as if they were mid run, the ferro fluid went from a still state as if it was solid to a undulating spike formation. The undulations followed the path of the track and left viewers surprised and puzzled as to what they had just witnessed. 


Photography and video by Jeremy Fenske