Xmas Campaign Launch


Topman has one of the biggest windows on Oxford Street as part of their flagship store in London. How do they create a window that can  be changed visually to connect with many different campaigns. Whilst also creating  a show stopping moment day and night at Christmas - a time where every retailer is showing their best side. 

Christmas windows need to be engaging and eye catching for 2 months 24/7. The design of this originated from the idea of the artic and ice sculptures. The way ice and snow lit up in the day time meant that we had to re-think how this came to life in the day as well as night. The window became the home of the  world's first daylight visible projections a creative that allowed the brand to change the colour, pattern, lights and graphics at the touch of a button.

Prismatic shapes were created to appear as if they were extruding from the floor in a a sunken room like large ice sculptures. New mannequins were designed with interchangeable faces to also allow for variety in the window and they were placed within the icy structures.

In the lead up to the window launching Topman for the first time ever closed their window for nearly a week to build excitement and create an event around the much anticipated Christmas window reveal

To truly make this an adaptable first of it's kind retail window a system was built to be fully flexible and autonomously managed by Topman. Appropriate animations, selected according to campaign timings, can be quickly and simply chosen by Topman staff via a simple app-style interface, allowing the brand team to be able to react quickly to any changes or ideas that came through in an ever changing period. 



A proprietary system was built, that projects artistically mapped 3D animations across the window’s Arctic themed geometric shapes to bring the window to life.

Most of the animation sequences serve specific campaign objectives. For example, when it’s time to promote Christmas jumpers, a knitting-themed ‘film’, which has been mapped to the scene’s geometric shapes, will be projected across the display.

In between campaigns, the blank ‘canvas’ will come alive courtesy of striking visuals such as stark graphical patterns that follow the creative concept of ‘The Arctic’